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Brazil, Rio De Janeiro, 18-26 March 2012

Taxi to the Bus Station in Puerto Iguazu, short distance then waited for the bus which came at 1245, lots of busses coming and going, had to ask if the bus had arrived or I would have missed it, short … Continue reading

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Argentina, Puerto Iguazu, 17 March 2012

I booked a tour to the Itaipu Dam and the Brazil side of the Iguazu Falls it turned out to be a private taxi with only me in it 260 pesos or US$58, pickup at 0740 drove to the border … Continue reading

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Argentina, Puerto Iguazu, 14-16 March 2012

Rained all night, this area gets an incredible amount of rain so I was lucky not to have any over the last couple of days. Taxi to the Terminal de Omnibus, Asuncion, streets flooded got there at 0710, bus half … Continue reading

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Paraguay, Asuncion, 11-13 March 2012

Taxi to the Montevideo Tres Cruces bus terminal UYU$130 or US$6.50, first had to check in at the EGA counter where I bought the ticket, they keep your passport and give it back on the bus once you are underway, … Continue reading

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Uruguay, Montevideo, 5-10 March 2012

IĀ traveledĀ from Buenos Aires to Montevideo using the Buquebus Company, you can buy tickets online or through a travel agent cost is the same. I chose the fast ferry (1:30hrs) to Colonia and then the bus (2:15hrs) from there to Montevideo, … Continue reading

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Argentina, Buenos Aires, 26 Feb – 4 Mar 2012

First 3 days in BA were a long weekend and nothing was open, most restaurants are closed on weekends when it should be their busiest time. I had advertised my bike for sale on the HUBB so I met the … Continue reading

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Argentina, Buenos Aires, 21-25 Feb 2012

21 Feb 2012, Ushuaia to Rio Gallegos, Argentina After yesterdays snow and freezing temperatures I was not looking forward to today but when I woke up it felt warm and the roads were dry, the land lady said that the … Continue reading

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