Brazil, Rio De Janeiro, 18-26 March 2012

Taxi to the Bus Station in Puerto Iguazu, short distance then waited for the bus which came at 1245, lots of busses coming and going, had to ask if the bus had arrived or I would have missed it, short trip to the company Cerro Del Norte Bus Depot where we transferred to the long distance bus, seat upstairs this time, more room plus an overhead luggage rack, always ask for upstairs towards the back, no one walks past you then.

First stop Argentina border, only took 10min for the passengers but we were stuck there for another hour? Brazil border was quick no aduana, left at 1500 watched a movie on the overhead TV, stopped at Maringa for dinner from 2000-2100, arrived at Sao Paulo at 0440, half the passengers got off the bus, black people a common sight now, stopped at Roseira from 0630 to 0715 for breakfast. The bus stops have these huge canteens serving food, as food is not allowed to be served on the bus in Brazil and is not included in the bus fare. Arrived in Rio at 1300 looks a bit run down. Taxi to my hotel which was not far was R$39 or USD$22.

Went on a tour to see the Cone Cathedral made of concrete like the one in Managua then Christ the Redeemer, the famous statue  on top of the hill.

Another tour to Sugar Loaf mountain, cable car takes you to the top and a drive past Copacabana and Ipanema beaches

Checked out the National Museum, slavery was much bigger here than in the USA, Carnival dinner and show in the evening.

Took a bus to the Copacabana and Ipanema beaches wandered around a beach is a beach.

Walked to the Santana Park, strange place in the middle of a poorer part of the city, millions of cats wandering around, various species of ducks and Agoutis, rabbit like creatures.

Journey Home, 27-29 March 2012

Taxi to the airport at 0245, 15 min ride to the airport cost R$70 or US$41, checked in flight left at 0630 and arrived at Sao Paulo at 0745 where I had to change planes, got stopped at check-in and told that I would not be able to make my connecting flight in Santiago because they had not taken into account daylight saving hahahahaha, this is LAN airlines. They gave me vouchers for transport to a hotel and meals.

The next flight is at 1640 tomorrow, no sleep last night, spent the next 24 hours in bed and back to the Sao Paulo airport, checked in and walked to the gate and waited, then a gate change and flight delayed by 30min stood in the queue for another 2 hours, not 30min talking to a Kiwi teacher before we left at 1850, 2 hours late and arrived in Santiago at 2310, the departing flight was held back to wait for us, quite a few passengers were transferring to it finally left at 0010, 45min late, arrived in Auckland at 0450 had to get off the plane and then back on again left at 0615 and arrived in Sydney at 0945 picked up luggage and through Immigration and Customs in 45min no problems had to show my Yellow Fever certificate, bus to the domestic terminal at 0830 left at 1010, arrived in Perth on time at 1210, longest flight time ever, is it good to be back home, YES.

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3 Responses to Brazil, Rio De Janeiro, 18-26 March 2012

  1. Congratulations on a trip well-done and well-documented. Best wishes for the next one.

  2. I love the pictures of my beloved Brazil! thank you for posting them!! Blessings! 🙂

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