Uruguay, Montevideo, 5-10 March 2012

I traveled from Buenos Aires to Montevideo using the Buquebus Company, you can buy tickets online or through a travel agent cost is the same. I chose the fast ferry (1:30hrs) to Colonia and then the bus (2:15hrs) from there to Montevideo, cost ARS$275 or US$61. They have their own Terminal which is a bit like an airport first checked in and dropped suitcase off, then security and immigration, finished by 1120 sat and waited departed at 1230, duty free shop on board, arrived at 1400, suitcase was on the belt when I arrived picked it up and walked out straight onto the bus, left at 1430, flat farmland with a few villages not much traffic, good road with a few tolls arrived at 1645 at the Montevideo TRES CRUCES bus terminal. The time here is 1745.

Went to book my bus to Asuncion while I was at the terminal and they said I needed a Visa in advance for Paraguay, surprise, they issued the ticket for Saturday UYU$2,658 or US$140 for a Sleeper seat.
I spent the next day getting the Paraguay visa, it poured all day, first went to the Embassy they said go to the Consulate across the road at Bulevar General Artigas 1191, the Consulate guy was nice and spoke good English, I had to submit the following docs

Visa Application
2 photos
Bus Ticket from Montevideo to Asuncion
Copy of Credit Card
Copy of Hotel Booking in Asuncion (had to go back make the booking and return)
USD$65 for a single entry Visa and $30 in Taxi fares.
This can be done in one day, I couldn’t be bothered waiting so came back the following morning.

I then did something unusual I went to a McDonalds and had a Quarter pounder $5 and a McFlurry Oreo $4 convert that into the local currency and you are not going to get fat eating McDonalds in this country.
I then decided to check on visas for Brazil, I thought one would be issued at the border, not so, I now had to get a Brazil visa, at least this Consulate was just up the road at Calle Convencion 1343, phone 09-901-2024, documents required were.

Visa Application
1 photo
Copy of Bus Ticket to Rio
Copy of Air Ticket out of Rio
Copy of Credit Card
Hotel Address and phone in Montevideo
UYU840 about USD$45 for a multiple entry Visa
You will need 2 full days (48hrs) to get this visa they will not issue it on the same day.

Otherwise there is not much else to report about Montevideo a truly unremarkable city.

General comments about this region (Argentina, Uruguay) – Stubble chic is the fashion, kissing in the street is not an uncommon sight, Hitch hikers, Bikes without mufflers, Tattoos, Lifts with Concertina doors, Air-con’s dripping onto the street, Smoking.

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4 Responses to Uruguay, Montevideo, 5-10 March 2012

  1. You certainly have the mental fortitude to go through the rigamarole of visa applications every few days, that itself it quite remarkable! But well worth it, I’m sure! Pictures all very nice as usual. Continued happy trails.

    • desmonc says:

      Someone said this visa thing is about reciprocity, they are cutting off their noses to spite their faces because they lose a lot of last minute and impulse tourist traffic by making it difficult to get a visa. I only just got everything wrapped up on Friday evening and I was leaving the next day. The people in the Tourist industry must love the bureaucrats hahahaha.

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