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USA, Canada and Mexico, 2008-2011

I travelled through all 50 states of the USA and Canada and Mexico on and off from 2008 to 2011. This is a link to my Horizons Unlimited Blog which I used during my 2008 USA ride. and pictures … Continue reading

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Guatemala, Tikal, 26 Nov 2011

Short ride 62km from Santa Elena to Tikal which must have been the Maya equivalent to the Vatican. The pyramids are different again from Uxmal and Chichen Itza and being built of limestone are slowly crumbling. The site is located … Continue reading

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Guatemala, Santa Elena, 25 Nov 2011

A surprise Belize breakfast out of the back of a truck then left at 0820 blue skies and cool could not ask for better riding weather. I made a short detour and rode through Belmopan the capital of Belize built … Continue reading

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Belize, Museum of Belize, 24 Nov 2011

Last day in Belize I went to the Museum which used to be the prison, some interesting British prison trivia like the Hangman’s Drop Table, the executioners in Baghdad would have found that useful ie. one of Sadam’s henchmen lost … Continue reading

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Belize, Belize City, Caye Caulker, Ambergris Caye, 22-23 Nov 2011

This is for all you people who weren’t paying attention in Geography class. The red line is my route upto Antigua where I should arrive on Sunday and the blue circles are the places I have stayed at. Belize City, laid … Continue reading

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Belize, Belize City, 21 Nov 2011

I went to bed and dreamt of tropical depressions and sliding down muddy wet roads in Belize and woke up to blue skies, a nice birthday present, departed at 0800 for the border which was 15min away, follow the signs to … Continue reading

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Mexico, Chetumal, 20 Nov 2011

Rained all night tropical depression being the forecast for the next 3 days, left Cancun at 0830 full wets on, wet roads but no rain, 4 lane highway all the way to Carmen del Palya then Tulum, lined with Resorts … Continue reading

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Mexico, Cancun, 17-19 Nov 2011

Another easy ride from Chichen Itza to Cancun, I followed the Libre (free) road not the Cuota (toll road), hardly any traffic, roadworks most of the way, Valladolid one big town, 200k’s and 3 hours later arrived at the metropolis, blue … Continue reading

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Mexico, Chichen Itza, 15-16 Nov 2011

Short ride from Uxmal via some back roads to Chichen Itza 160k’s, 2:30. Checked in to the hotel and went for a ride to the nearest town to buy some water and have a Taco or two and an ice-cream. … Continue reading

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Mexico, Uxmal 13-14 Nov 2011

The ride from Campeche to Uxmal (Ooosh-maal) took 2 hours and was uneventful, blue skies and road works almost the whole way, it looks like they are expanding the road to 4 lanes. This area is sparsely populated a much … Continue reading

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