Argentina, Bariloche, 15 Feb 2012

Up at 0600 freezing, got heated jacket and gloves put them on and left at 0720 straight onto the highway no traffic doing 110kph most of the time, warm in the heated gear got to the Chile Border at 0830 stopped at a booth in the middle of the road with two guys inside one immigration and one aduana, they took my passport and TVIP stamped them entered details in their system and said go took 5min and I did not even take my helmet off.

A volcano nearby went off a few months ago and this road was closed so the next 30min was a nightmare ride to the Argentine Immigration through clouds of ash being thrown up by the trucks and cars on the road, could not see a thing, covered in the stuff hair, beard, clothes, bike, filthy now and probably air-filter as well, first I had to stop and get a slip from a booth at the entry point with my Plate No. on it then to immigration the guy filled in a form for me a few people in the queue and he stamped the slip of paper, then Aduana for the TVIP showed him the title and he entered it into his system and gave me the TVIP valid for 8 months and stamped the slip of paper as well, back on the bike and out handed in the paper with the stamps at the exit at 0935 easy.
Road on the Argentine side has been washed so no ash thank you, good ride to Villa La Angostura where I asked for directions to an ATM and withdrew ARS1000 or $200 max with a $3.50 fee like Peru so I had to do it twice to get ARS2000, filled up petrol, cheaper here at $1.20/litre compared to Chile at $1.60/litre and bought a map $8 only an hours ride to Bariloche around the Lake thought it would be longer got there at 1120 and filled up first only 4 litres turned on the Nokia, then rode to the hotel street and it was a one way sloping steeply, the whole town is on a hill sloping up from the Lake rode around a few blocks and down the street very steep parked with the front wheel against the curb checked in at 1145, 245km in 4:25hrs, went for a walk this is a tourist town looks like an Alpine ski resort.

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2 Responses to Argentina, Bariloche, 15 Feb 2012

  1. Brian says:

    10/10 for “01 dairy country” and “03 sunrise”.

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