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Seychelles, Mahe, 25-31 Oct 2012

Home of the Coco de Mer (it’s the biggest seed on the planet, looks like 2 coconuts stuck together) Another idyllic tropical island paradise, any more of this and I could develop an allergy to City air. The people here … Continue reading

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Mauritius, Mahebourg, 16-25 October 2012

Home of the Dodo (it’s an extinct bird) A slightly bigger dot in the southern Indian ocean, roughly 40×50 km, population 1.3 million, 80% Indian origin, 20% African, European and Chinese origin. Being further south means it’s a bit cooler … Continue reading

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Maldives, Male, 30 Sept – 7 Oct 2012

The Maldives looks pretty from the air, the first thing you see at the airport are signs which say among other things “No Dogs”, No Pork” and “No Alcohol”. Resorts are exempt from the Alcohol ban, if you try and … Continue reading

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