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Cyprus, Larnaca, 26 – 27 March 2023

Limassol to Larnaca by bus, cost 4 euro and it took 1:35 hrs. The first 11km out of Limassol along the coast was non-stop apartment blocks, with many new ones being built and the bus stops a few times to … Continue reading

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Cyprus, Limassol, 23 – 25 March 2023

Paphos to Limassol by bus cost 4 Euro and it took 1:10 hrs, the busses have very little legroom less than a budget airline. This bus finished up being full, not a comfortable trip. Limassol, hardly saw any other tourists, … Continue reading

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Cyprus, Paphos, 18 – 22 March 2023

Nicosia to Paphos (pronounced Pafos) is a two hour bus ride cost 7 euro. You depart from the Central Bus Station near the Old town, there are a few stops along the way in the city as well. There is … Continue reading

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Cyprus, Nicosia, 14 – 17 March 2023

Perth to Nicosia via Doha and Larnaca Airports took about 20 hours. Larnaca Airport is small and there are no photos or fingerprints at immigration, in fact the guy barely looked at me, did not ask any questions, just stamped … Continue reading

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