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Netherlands and UK – Veghel, Hastings and Horsham, 16 – 26 September 2018

Stats – 137 days on the road, 16,145 kms, 772 litres, Cost of fuel €944, Average 21.46 km/l Schollbrunn to Veghel – Easy ride to Veghel along the freeway, fine, cool and sunny. When I arrived in Veghel, the annual fair was … Continue reading

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UK and Netherlands – Hastings, Veghel and Winsum – 29 April – 15 May 2018

I arrived in Hastings where my bike is based during the winter months on 29 April 2018 after a marathon 34 hour journey from Perth. First I charged the battery and it fired up immediately then it had to have … Continue reading

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Netherlands, UK, Veghel, Hastings, Abingdon, Edinburgh, 02 – 15 August 2017

Rothrist to Veghel, first through the Swiss back roads and then onto the German autobahn, a ride I have done several times. This time endless road works and a broken down truck caused a miles long traffic build up, I … Continue reading

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Netherlands, Veghel, 7 – 13 May 2017

From Hastings I rode to Veghel in the Netherlands to spend some time with friends. Under the English channel in the train and through France and Belgium, easy ride cold but fine weather.

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Netherlands, Germany, UK, 13 – 28 November 2016

13 Nov 2016 – The last stage of my journey, arrived back at Dusseldorf, then to Veghel in the Netherlands. 17 Nov 2016 – Train to Hamburg, spent the night at a hotel and early the next morning took the … Continue reading

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USA, New York, 21 – 26 October 2016

I travelled by bus and train to Dusseldorf Airport and then a flight to JFK, New York. The NS International App is very useful for booking bus and train tickets, you don’t need paper tickets, it is also cheaper than … Continue reading

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Netherlands, Veghel, 15 – 21 October 2016

Upto this point in time I was expecting my bike to arrive in Hamburg mid October and had booked my flights accordingly. From Shiraz to Dusseldorf, visit friends in the Netherlands and then a train to Hamburg to pick up … Continue reading

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