Argentina, Puerto Iguazu, 17 March 2012

I booked a tour to the Itaipu Dam and the Brazil side of the Iguazu Falls it turned out to be a private taxi with only me in it 260 pesos or US$58, pickup at 0740 drove to the border where, for cars they have a drive through for both Argentina and Brazil, you don’t even have to get out of the car and no customs check, this is what they should have for the Ushuaia border crossing but I think Chile customs are too uptight.

The travel agent said I could change money at the border the same guy that put me on the wet boat, no luck so the car driver lent me BRL50 reals arrived at the dam at 0820, first English technical tour was at 1030 so went on the Panoramic Tour BRL22 at 0830 drove around and back, big dam produces a lot of electricity, its owned by Paraguay and Brazil 50:50 and they share the staffing and electricity, back at 0945, drove to the Brazil side of the Iguazu falls BRL41 entry, paid with US$100 and got change in Reals 1:1.75 so I could pay back the driver, bus to the falls 20min ride, then walked lots of people and not enough space on the lookouts this is higher up so you are looking down at the falls got near the end which was packed and the spray was so heavy it was like being in the shower, backed out quickly and back up the stairs to the bus queued up and back at the entrance at 1245 back the same way to the hotel at 1330.

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