Argentina, Buenos Aires, 26 Feb – 4 Mar 2012

First 3 days in BA were a long weekend and nothing was open, most restaurants are closed on weekends when it should be their busiest time.

I had advertised my bike for sale on the HUBB so I met the buyer a guy from California, the Title will be transferred in the US and payment is in US dollars so its basically a US sale in Argentina, its illegal for an Argentine to buy the bike because of the 300% import duty but sales between foreigners is common in South America. This will save me the cost of shipping ($2000) the bike back to the USA. Time to say good-bye after 2.5 years and 49,000 miles and let someone else do the driving.

Once that was over I wandered around the city, it’s the nicest city so far, no machine guns or razor wire here.

The subway is cheap and frequent, about 60 cents flat fare for a ride anywhere. Imported goods are very expensive due to the high import duties and there is a black market in US$, a simple suitcase that would have cost less than $40 anywhere else cost me $105 here. House prices are in US$ and there is a white and black component. Apparently there are 3 classes of people, the Whites, the Latinos and the Indigenous people and they do not mix, can’t say I saw any Indigenous people in this part of town

I went on a City Tour then a Gaucho Tour and a Dinner and Tango Show, there are also lots of Plaza’s with outdoor restaurants and Tango dancers. Tourism is well organised.

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6 Responses to Argentina, Buenos Aires, 26 Feb – 4 Mar 2012

  1. I haven’t been so envious of your travels in a long time, but this post makes me yearn to go to BA also! Perhaps one of these days… great pictures of everything, glad you had a good time.

    Oh, and congratulations on selling the bike. When do you turn it over and how will you get up the other side of the continent?

  2. desmonc says:

    Bus or Boose as they say here, all will be revealed in future posts.

  3. Check out the Recoleta Cemetery while you’re in BA

  4. Janardhan Roye says:

    49,000 miles on a mo’bike! Wow. Congratulations, you brave, brave man! Thor Hyedl, Bruce Chatwin…you belong right up there, dude. Fantastic. I am never envious. But this is the nearest I’ve been to green – just reading, looking at this 04Mar post. I plan to read them all, of course

    My epic journeys: Bangalore to Delhi on a Jawa; NYC to California in a old Honda Accord – up and down different US states in a 9,000 miles trip, with Angie, kids – Kavi & Suhneel, with daughter driving!

    Angie & I wish you good luck, good heatlh…and look forward to meeting you here in Bangalore sometime and listening to you. You will always have a room and food here in our home.
    Perhaps then you’ll relate your stories…and whisk us off on your adventurous journey to all the exotic places we always wanted to visit before we die? Hmmmm? Can’t wait to catch up with you.

    In the m/while is it politically correct to say, take care, look after your health…and don’t forget your veggies n fruit n lots of water?

    With much affection, Jana

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