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Peru, Cuzco 29-31 Jan 2012

Day 1 was a tour of the Sacred Valley of the Incas which I think is code for visit the Markets, we did visit 3 different sites and one had a whole heap of Inca graves dug into the mountain, … Continue reading

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Peru, Cuzco, 27-28 Jan 2012

Peru, Nazca to Abancay 27 Jan 2012 Left at 0710 onto the highway in 5 min and straight into the hills, round and brown climbing steadily road twisting into every nook and cranny of the mountains until I reached over … Continue reading

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Peru, Nazca, 25-26 Jan 2012

Left Lima at 0555 practically no traffic a few busses and cars onto the highway in 20min and upto 100kph, thick fog for the first hour and cold same sort of landscapes desert and towns with crops, the first 2 … Continue reading

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Peru, Lima, 22-24 Jan 2012

Not much to report, did an oil change on my bike and as usual could not find any bike oil so used a diesel oil equivalent, went on a city tour, the usual plaza, cathedral and ┬ásomething different the catacombs … Continue reading

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Peru, Lima, 23 Jan 2012

Piura to Chimbote, Peru 21 Jan 2012 Desert, desert and more desert interspersed with a few towns and some greenery, long straight roads, sand blowing across the road and into my eyes, very windy, the usual slow trucks (50kph), villages … Continue reading

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Peru, Piura, 19-20 Jan 2012

Quito to Naranjal, Ecuador 19 Jan 2012 Left Quito and immediately started descending to the coast through the mountains, cold with the occasional shower for the first 3 hours then sea level and hot. Good road lots of slow trucks … Continue reading

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Ecuador, Quito, 17-18 Jan 2012

Quito 2800m above sea level surrounded by mountains, a modern city with a historic old town. I wandered around, took the cable car to 4,100m this must be the highest cable car in the world. Hired a taxi and went … Continue reading

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