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Austria, Sankt Lorenzen, 11 – 13 September 2019

Arta Terme to Sankt Lorenzen – another short ride deeper into the Austrian Alps. The road took me over the Plocken Pass and it deteriorated markedly in Austria. I travelled this route but in the other direction last year. Hundreds … Continue reading

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Italy, Arta Terme, 09 – 10 September 2019

Trieste to Arta Terme – a short ride to the foothills of the Alps as I only slept an hour on the flights back from Iceland. Butterfly House of Bordano – not far from Arta Terme is a town called … Continue reading

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Iceland, Reykjavik, 02 – 09 September 2019

Trieste to Reykjavik – Well I got tired of the heat and humidity of the southern latitudes and decided to go somewhere to cool off, like Iceland hahaha. Good connecting flights from Trieste to Reykjavik via Frankfurt and September is … Continue reading

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Italy, Trieste, 17 August – 01 September 2019

Rijeka to Trieste a short ride that passes through Slovenia. When I was a few kilometres from the Slovenian border traffic was at a standstill, I thought it was either roadworks or an accident, wrong. After a few minutes 4 … Continue reading

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Croatia, Rijeka, 13 – 16 August 2019

Apatin to Rijeka, Croatia – Short ride to the Croatian border over the back roads, this is not a busy crossing either, only a few cars waiting at the Serbian end and being on a bike I rode to the … Continue reading

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Serbia, Apatin, 11 – 12 August 2019

Timisoara to Apatin, Serbia – Once again a remote border crossing and I was the only one crossing. Handed in my Passport and Bike Registration, stamp in passport and rode 100m to Serbian Immigration, another stamp and I was told … Continue reading

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Romania, Timisoara, 09 – 10 August 2019

Cluj-Napoca to Timisoara – Another slow ride over rough roads through the mountains with traffic in both directions. Finally got to a freeway 90 km from Timisoara but I was low on fuel and there are no petrol stations on … Continue reading

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