Paraguay, Asuncion, 11-13 March 2012

Taxi to the Montevideo Tres Cruces bus terminal UYU$130 or US$6.50, first had to check in at the EGA counter where I bought the ticket, they keep your passport and give it back on the bus once you are underway, security reasons hmmm, boarding at 1230, big comfortable seats with lots of leg room.

Bus left on time at 1300, soft ride, same flat farmland, stopped at the Argentine border at 1920-1940 where we had to get off and get stamped out of Uruguay and stamped into Argentina very quick only 20min, snacks, water and coffee served a couple of times, one drink then dinner served at 2130, then the Attendant took our passports off us and closed all the curtains for security reasons, lights out at 2320, Argentina border crossing at 0330 passengers sleeping, the Attendant got the stamps for everyone then Paraguay border crossing same thing, very considerate Immigration they did not even get to see anyone finished at 0430, breakfast served at 0800 arrived at the Asuncion Bus Terminal at 1010, journey took 21:10hrs surprisingly not feeling tired.

Time here in Asuncion is 1 hour behind at 0910.

Booked my ticket to Ciudad del Este on NSA, PYG$83,000 or $20, semi-cama, non-stop, leaves at 0730 and arrives at 1230, 5 hours. No busses direct to Puerto Iguazu, Argentina have to figure out the connection to Puerto Iguazu and the Immigration when I get there. Taxi to the hotel PYG$40,000 about US$9.40.

Wandered around the town for the next couple of days, hot and humid, this has to be the least developed of all the capital cities I have been to, the whole place looks dilapidated and unkempt even the Congress.

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12 Responses to Paraguay, Asuncion, 11-13 March 2012

  1. Dilapidated or otherwise, your photos tell interesting stories. Continued safe and fun travels!

  2. Fritz, Graz, Austria says:

    Thank you, extremely helpful, especially for someonr like us who want to travel the exact route! prospective travellers. Thanks! Can you give further advice, after leaving Ascuncion? Please! Re: “this has to be the least developed of all the capital cities I have been to” … go to Ulaan Baator!

  3. Fritz, Graz, Austria says:

    Sorry about the mistakes in the message – it escaped…
    Found report after Ascuncion. Thank you!

  4. desmonc says:

    Ulaan Baator, its on my list hahaha

  5. Kelley says:

    Can I ask how much your bus ticket from Montevideo to Asuncion was?

  6. Lee says:

    Can I ask if you booked your Montevideo to Asuncion bus in advance? If so, how (online, or in person at the bus station)? I’m doing the same journey in June so already into the planning stages. Thanks.

  7. Lee says:

    Thanks again!
    From what I can see, they only run the bus on Wednesday and Saturday – is that true?

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