UK and Netherlands – Hastings, Veghel and Winsum – 29 April – 15 May 2018

I arrived in Hastings where my bike is based during the winter months on 29 April 2018 after a marathon 34 hour journey from Perth. First I charged the battery and it fired up immediately then it had to have the annual MOT safety inspection, new Chain and Sprockets and an Oil change, ready to go now. Only thing left to do was sample some British ale and catch up with friends.

The ride from Hastings to Veghel was completed in fine and sunny, warmer towards the end weather. Again a catch up with friends stop.

I also rode to Winsum to spend the weekend with another friend, located near the North Sea Coast, this is where the Dykes keep the Netherlands from becoming another Atlantis. The people who live here also speak a dialect that is incomprehensible to the other Dutch hahaha.


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2 Responses to UK and Netherlands – Hastings, Veghel and Winsum – 29 April – 15 May 2018

  1. Justine Niemeijer. says:

    Great Chris, dont forget you are welkom in Hungary! What Is your Route?

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