Netherlands, UK, Veghel, Hastings, Abingdon, Edinburgh, 02 – 15 August 2017

Rothrist to Veghel, first through the Swiss back roads and then onto the German autobahn, a ride I have done several times. This time endless road works and a broken down truck caused a miles long traffic build up, I managed to ride down the middle and get past, 8 hours and no rain.

Veghel to Hastings, another biannual  commute. Being a Saturday, very few trucks on the road but a traffic jam around Ghent with everyone heading for the coast. This time I paid 115 euro for my Eurotunnel ticket instead of the usual 66 euro, price gouging in the holiday season. Long queues of returning holiday makers meant I could not get the next train out, had to wait for an hour. Still no immigration check on the EU side only on the UK side.

A bit of excitement at the end when I ran out of fuel entering Hastings. I still had about 2-3 litres left in the tank but a long downhill stretch with a set of traffic lights at the bottom caused all the fuel to flow to the front of the tank leaving the fuel pump dry. A call to my friend had 5 litres delivered and on my way again for the last 2 km of the journey.


Hastings to Abingdon which is on the Thames near Oxford to visit a friend. This meant using the dreaded M25 ring road around London, its supposed to be a motorway but there are sections which resemble a car park hahaha.

Abingdon to Edinburgh, accident before Birmingham caused a 45 min delay and then 5.5 hours of rain, the last 2 hours fine weather, its usually the other way around.

Day trip to North Berwick at the mouth of the River Forth.

Day trip to Edinburgh city where the Fringe Festival was in full swing.

Edinburgh to Hastings, left in a drizzle which continued for two hours and then fine weather all the way back.



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