Netherlands, Veghel, 28 June – 08 July 2019

I rode from Edinburgh to Harwich on Friday, 7:50 hrs in fine and cold weather, spent the night there then caught the morning ferry on Saturday to Hook of Holland 7:00 hrs, lots of bikes on the ferry all heading for the MotoGP at Assen on Sunday. When I rode off the ferry it was a hot 34c and it was 20c in Harwich when I left, had to stop and swap to summer gloves and open up my jacket. Short 1.5 hour ride to Veghel and being a Saturday very little traffic, arrived at 18:30 local time, there is a one hour time difference.

For the next week I watched the Womens World Cup Football and the Tour de France and drank beer.


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2 Responses to Netherlands, Veghel, 28 June – 08 July 2019

  1. Firhad Cariapa says:

    Wow! Chris some travelling all thi best firhad

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