Netherlands and UK – Veghel, Hastings and Horsham, 16 – 26 September 2018

UK to Azerbaijan and Back 2018

Stats – 137 days on the road, 16,145 kms, 772 litres, Cost of fuel €944, Average 21.46 km/l

Schollbrunn to Veghel – Easy ride to Veghel along the freeway, fine, cool and sunny.

When I arrived in Veghel, the annual fair was in full swing, the centre of the town is closed and rides and stalls are set up on the streets.

Veghel to Hastings – Cloudy but the rain held off with many roadworks which don’t slow me down much anymore, I just ride down the emergency lane. For the first time ever in the many crossings I have made using Le Shuttle under the English Channel, the train was delayed by about an hour. So I went into the terminal, another first and had a look around.

Sussex Masters Swimming Championships at Horsham

Besides sampling the English ales and food I went on a day trip to Horsham where the Sussex Masters Swimming Championships were being held and my friend was taking part. The Masters simply means there are different age groups for both young and old.

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1 Response to Netherlands and UK – Veghel, Hastings and Horsham, 16 – 26 September 2018

  1. Very well-documented, as usual. And I loved all those ales and meals as well!

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