Netherlands and UK – Veghel, Hastings and the LONG flight home, 22 Sep – 03 October 2019

Nuremberg to Veghel – nothing new here, this is my annual commute back to the UK. Clear skies and 11c, made good time 583 km in 5:26 hrs with 3 stops for fuel.

A few days of rest and catching up with friends in Veghel

Veghel to Hastings through the dreaded Antwerp traffic jam nightmare, miserable ride to Calais with drizzle, rain and road works. Arrived and the train was delayed by an hour so went into the terminal and waited out of the drizzle. Finally boarded and surprise, when I rode off there were blue skies on the other side of the channel hahaha, a welcome end to the day.

Hastings – this is where I put my bike into storage for the winter and catch up with friends.

The last leg of my journey, Expedia and Garuda stuffed up my flights and I finished up going from London to Amsterdam to Medan to Bali where I waited for 8.5 hrs and finally arrived in Perth 45 hours later after circling the airport a few times while they removed debris from the runway.

The end of another eventful journey.


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  1. says:

    Hi Chris Shirley and I are fine. What a gruesome trip home. Take a long rest. Merry Xmas.! It must be summer in Perth. I talk with my friend in Brisbane a lot. Best, Karen

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