Netherlands, Veghel, 19 – 30 July 2022

My knee was not getting any better so I decided to cut my trip short and head for home. I was planning to ride to Cyprus and then the North Cape.

Zagreb to Regensberg in Germany goes through Slovenia and Austria both of which require vignettes for their freeways and there are a couple of long tunnels that have their own tolls (€10 & €6). Slovenia eVignette costs €7.50 for 7 days and Austria €5.60 for 10 days and you buy them online. I had to say I was a business customer to get the Austrian one immediately or I would have had to wait four weeks, give any name as the Business name and an address, nobody cares. The only reason for this ridiculous step is Austrian consumer law which allows you to claim a refund within 28 days if you are Private but with the Business eVignette there is no refund. You can also stop and buy a vignette at Service stations on either side of the border and make sure you do that before you cross the border, a friend got fined €300 because they waited too long after crossing the border to buy the Paper Vignette which is a sticker and very hard to remove. Had to remember to get a stamp in my passport when re-entering the Schengen area at the Slovenia border. Beautiful ride through the mountains most of the way in warm and sunny weather 585km in 7:08hrs. This was just an overnight stop at a motel near the freeway.

Regensberg to Veghel – fine and hot weather 35c with many roadworks. Got stuck for 20min boiling in my jacket when one truck ran into the back of another at some roadworks which narrowed the freeway down to one lane, 666kms in 7:35hrs. There was a festival on in Veghel which was nice.

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2 Responses to Netherlands, Veghel, 19 – 30 July 2022

  1. Helen M Jones says:

    Looks great, lots to see…..the urinals! 😵‍💫 Interesting flip-flop art! 👍😃
    Glad it was warm and not raining for you.
    H Xx

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