Mexico, Uxmal 13-14 Nov 2011

The ride from Campeche to Uxmal (Ooosh-maal) took 2 hours
and was uneventful, blue skies and road works almost the whole way, it looks
like they are expanding the road to 4 lanes. This area is sparsely populated a much
nicer ride without all the villages and speed bumps. Uxmal is in the bush,
nearest town is Muna 15km away after checking in I rode there to fill up and
get some supplies, a bottle of water at the hotel costs $3. Part of the hotel
bathroom’s roof is glass and birds come and sit on it and the only sounds you
hear are the birds chirping. Each room has a name and my room is called the
Indira Gandhi room hahahaha.

Entrance to Uxmal is 166 pesos $14 which includes a ticket
to the Sound and Light show it is famous for. The main structure is a rounded
pyramid and is very well preserved and quite spectacular, when you clap your
hands in front of it the return is a strange yelping echo. Beware of the big
lizards guarding the place. The Sound and Light show consists of the buildings
being lit up with various colours and a story being told accompanied by music,
the story is narrated in Spanish so after about 5min it got boring and it went
on for 45min hahahaha, give it a miss if you don’t understand Spanish.

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