Guatemala, Santa Elena, 25 Nov 2011

A surprise Belize breakfast out of the back of a truck then left at 0820 blue skies and cool could not ask for better riding weather. I made a short detour and rode through Belmopan the capital of Belize built after Hurrican Hattie destroyed Belize City in 1961, nothing much to see. Arrived at the border at 1040, the total border crossing time was 55min, all the officials are very helpful, you will need BZD$37.50 (USD$18) to exit Belize, this is paid in the Immmigration building then you get a stamp, next move to the Customs Building and surrender your TVIP and get the stamp in your passport cancelled as well. Note Belize Immigration timings are 0800-1200 then 1300-1500 weekdays and 0800-1200 weekends. Now change the last of your Belize dollars into Guatemala Quetzals, the money changers come to you and also tell you where to go. On your bike and ride through the Fumigation shed, they wave bikes through, find a place to park and into the Guatemala Immigration and Customs building which is an open air structure, all located in the one spot, they fill in the forms you will need copies of your Passport, Registration and Drivers Licence and QZ160 (about USD$20). They did not ask to see the Title or inspect the bike. I thought crossing into Belize from Mexico was quick and easy this took half the time and was even easier. The pictures tell the story. Immediately you notice the better roads and no speed bumps BUT then you hit a camouflaged speed bump at 110kph give birth to some kittens and keep your eyes open, 3 sections of pot holed dirt 5km, 500m and 3km thrown in for entertainment, keep your speed up around 80kph dodge the oncoming cars swerving to avoid the potholes and you  should be ok, tyre pressure at 36psi will protect your rims from those speed bump hits and they are so well camouflaged that you will hit a few of them at speed. Arrived in Santa Elena at 1255, 233km and 4:35hrs fun day.

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