Mexico, Chichen Itza, 15-16 Nov 2011

Short ride from Uxmal via some back roads to Chichen Itza 160k’s, 2:30. Checked in to the hotel and went for a ride to the nearest town to buy some water and have a Taco or two and an ice-cream. Next day visited Chichen Itza at 0830, deserted at that time of the morning, much bigger site than Uxmal but less impressive, hundreds of stalls inside the site lining every pathway selling all kinds of stuff, wandered around for 3 hours left just as the tour busses started unloading the hordes.

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5 Responses to Mexico, Chichen Itza, 15-16 Nov 2011

  1. Love all your pictures, Chris, and just so you know, I’ve borrowed (or pilfered, if you like) one of them to use as a header for my blog! Thanks so very much! If you can, please tell me more about that particular one.

  2. desmonc says:

    Its the Temple of the warriors, most of the sites were roped off so could not have a close look.

  3. Keren says:

    Ah, Interesting! I found the engravings on the rock really awesome. Kinda puts you back in time. Anyways, Have you gotten to witness the festivals celebrating the day of the dead?

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