Belize, Belize City, 21 Nov 2011

I went to bed and dreamt of tropical depressions and sliding down muddy wet roads in Belize and woke up to blue skies, a nice birthday present, departed at 0800 for the border which was 15min away, follow the signs to the “Subteniente Lopez Belice”, the other sign takes Mexicans to an area where they can buy Duty free goods from Belize, first stop is Mexican Immigration, surrender your Tourist permit and get your passport stamped then ride about 10m and turn left and park your bike, the Mexican Banjercito is in front of you behind a fence, hand in your documents, show the lady where your VIN label is on your bike she will take a photograph, remove the Mexican TVIP (Temporary Vehicle Import Permit) from your bike and hand it in and wait, you will receive in return a certificate showing that your bike has left the country, the USD$400 deposit will be automatically credited back to your credit card account (I hope).

Next ride across the bridge into Belize, after a few hundred meters you will see a white shack, stop in front of it and a guy will come out and spray your tyres and charge you Mex$40 pesos and give you a certificate, this is mandatory, ride another 100m  into the parking lot on the left and park your bike, there is a guy there who will look after it for you, walk into the Immigration & Customs building in front of you, its all located in the one building that looks like a warehouse. This is the cheapest and easiest border crossing I have ever done and it is completely FREE, first the Immigration Officer will stamp your passport with a one month visa, takes all of 2 min then you walk to a counter behind him and the show the Customs Officer your Passport, Drivers Licence, Bike Registration and Bike Title Document, no copies are required, she/he will issue you with a TVIP for one month and also stamp your passport and remind you to surrender the TVIP when you leave the country and have the stamp in your passport cancelled as well, all done probably took 15min. Out of the building and walk to the car park fence where there are money changers on the other side who will change your Mexican pesos or USD to Belizean Dollars, on your bike and ride to the white building in the distance and buy your Belize insurance, this is mandatory, one weeks insurance cost BZD$29 or USD$14.50, he will give you an Insurance certificate in return, another 15min its now 0950 one hour and 50min since I left my Hotel, now you can do whatever you like. The road to Belize City is good paved road all the way, no dirt at all, LOOK OUT for unmarked speed bumps and roundabouts in the middle of the highway when you are doing 110kph, after the first surprise you will pay attention hahahaha. Sugarcane fields, small towns hardly any traffic, I arrived in Belize City after a stop to don my wet weather gear at 1230, 2 hours and 40 min later, easy ride. The people and accents look and sound Caribbean and the language is English, I can stop using sign language for a few days but understanding their replies is a different matter, nothing fancy about the place and nothing is cheap either not sure how the locals manage, very narrow pot holed one way streets, obviously poor but the people smile and are happy, what a day!

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3 Responses to Belize, Belize City, 21 Nov 2011

  1. Fantabulous birthday post! Lovely to get a glimpse of Belize City. I wanted to leave a comment on a picture or two but I don’t think you can. The one of the bridge with the dark clouds in the distance is terrifying in an Old Testament kind of way! And the beggar on the sidewalk is brilliant. Continued safe travels on down south! When you get a chance, check this out– these are the sights that I took in yesterday!

    • desmonc says:

      If you just click on the picture you go into a slide show in some browsers, its a bug, instead right click on the picture and click on “Open Link” this presents a different view which shows the Title of the picture at the top and the Comments box at the bottom and you can move to the next picture by clicking on the next link.

    • desmonc says:

      I posted a comment on the beggar picture as an example.

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