Barbados, Bridgetown, 03 – 07 May 2023

Saint Lucia to Barbados – The Saint Lucia airport has its Check-in located outdoors and when I arrived it started to pour, well at least these guys have a printer for the Boarding Passes and the Luggage tags. Another small aircraft 30 seat Embraer 120, these small aircraft are very convenient, no long queues anywhere and you pick your own seat. Each passenger was escorted to the plane by airport staff carrying an umbrella as it was still raining. Barbados airport is a modern airport and the largest so far. There is a taxi despatcher and the fares are regulated so you will not get ripped off.

Barbados is the most developed and the most expensive island so far with many resorts and independent tourists. They also have organised group tours and all the other conveniences you would expect from a tourist destination. They have many beaches as the island is comparatively flat. I bought a Digicel SIM card 3 days for BB$15 (US$7.50), other islands the same SIM costs US$3.50. Minibus costs BB$3.50 (US$1.75) other islands around $1. They also have big busses but there are not many of them. The water is drinkable another first.

I went for a tour around the island with Williams Tours, professional and organised. There is a Boardwalk along the beach with some art at the end which is very nice. Once again the climate is hot and humid.

Barbados Photos


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