Saint Lucia, Castries, 29 April – 02 May 2023

Saint Kitts to Saint Lucia – The flight was scheduled for 0700 hrs and I arrived at the airport at 0500 hrs which is the time it opens. The doors were open but there was nobody around, staff started turning up at around 0520. Checked in and had to pay US$10 for my checked suitcase which should have been paid for but apparently LIAT airlines only takes payment at check-in. I was issued with a hand written boarding pass and baggage label. Immigration next and then Security where the guy opened my backpack and everything in it, he even peered into my coin change purse which is about 2×3 cm hahaha, a complete idiot, he is supposed to be looking for sharp objects and explosives. They did have an x-ray scanner as well. He could only get away with it because there were no other passengers waiting. I read a similar comment online from a woman who had the same experience and objected to the fact that he took her credit cards out of her wallet and examined them and she did not want his germs on them hahaha. There were only about 20 passengers and the aircraft which was a turbo prop ATR 42-600 can hold 50 passengers. There were already a few passengers on board so we were one of its hops. Finally took off at 0740, you soon learn that airline schedules in this area are only guidelines.

I arrived in Basseterre the Capital on a Saturday, on Sunday everything is closed and Monday was a Public Holiday and the only places open were Dominos and KFC so I could at least get something to eat. On Tuesday I did a minibus circuit of the island stopping at a couple of places along the way. This is the poorest island so far, no cruise ships at this time of the year and the cruise terminal was not impressive, very mountainous with a few roads winding through them, tropical jungle and a few beaches with resorts. This is also the first island that I encountered beggars, they just walk up to you and ask for money, sometimes being quite specific. When I was walking into a supermarket one guy said he wanted me to buy him a tin of tuna, bread, and a few other things and he was waiting for me when I came out and asked if I had his shopping hahaha.

I had a very nice modern air-contioned apartment on a cliff with views of the airport and harbour so I did not mind spending my time reading and looking out of the window. The weather as usual was hot and humid. I bought a Flow SIM card 5 days for EC$30. Minibus rides EC$2 for around town, more for longer trips.

Saint Lucia Photos


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