Dominica, Roseau, 08 – 11 May 2023

Barbados to Roseau – Barbados airport is more like a regular airport but the Check-in is still open air. Once inside the airport it is air-conditioned with duty free shops and a food court. Immigration does not stamp your passport coming in or going out. Another 30 seat Embraer 120 with only about 10 passengers, which this time left about 20 minutes early. Once all the passengers are on the aircraft they leave, as these are not busy airport they do not have to wait for their turn, just go, very refreshing,  hahaha. The airport is on the opposite side of the island to the Capital Roseau and you have to cross the mountains in the middle to get there 46 km took 1:10 hrs over some narrow winding roads in the dark and it cost US$80, the most expensive taxi ride so far. I learnt afterwards the fare is EC$200 which works out to US$75.

The currency is back to EC$ and this place is even smaller and poorer than St.Lucia, narrow streets and there are no traffic lights in the whole country of 71,000 people. I bought a Digicel SIM 3 days for EC$15 and for the first time noticed that it is very slow 3G or less. The water is drinkable, there is one big modern supermarket, the Cruise port is tiny and there are beggars hanging around asking for a handout. I did find some very nice craft beer, made in St.Lucia of all places hahaha. There is a small and quite interesting museum entry EC$8 and there is a nice restaurant next door called the Palisades where you can sit on the balcony and sip a Pineapple and Ginger juice.

Dominica Photos


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