Saint Kitts and Nevis, 22 – 28 April 2023

Antigua to Basseterre, Saint Kitts (officially known as Saint Christopher and Nevis) – the flight was on a large British Airways Boeing 777-200 which travels from Gatwick to St.Kitts with a stop in Antigua. The travelling time from take off in Antigua to landing in St.Kitts was 18 minutes. This is the shortest International flight I have ever been on hahaha. After we landed, the aircraft just stopped on a vacant part of the tarmac and we went down the steps and walked about 400m to the Terminal building, there are no boarding passageways at this airport or busses.  Taxi fares are regulated, as you exit the airport there is a Taxi Booth on your right where you book a taxi with a fixed fare depending on where you are going. Once again many of the prices you see are in US$ so always make sure to ask “EC or US” ? as EC$2.7 = US$1.00. I already had EC$ so no need to look for an ATM. I bought a Digicel SIM card 7 days with Data, Calls and SMS for EC$35, so far all the SIM cards I have bought started working within 5 minutes and I never had any problems with them. Similar to Nassau and Antigua public transport is by van or minibus, cost EC$2.50 or US$1.00 a ride. Sunday everything is closed and the minibusses are few and far between.

I visited Nevis by Ferry EC$31 each way, 30 minutes on a fast boat and 40 minutes on a slow one, Ferries leave about every half an hour or when they have enough passengers. Alexander Hamilton, one of the USA’s founding fathers was born on this island and the Museum is located in what was once his house.

I tried to find a tour around the St.Kitts but none of them were operating, they need a minimum number of bookings as did the Scenic Railway. Then while I was hanging around Port Zante which is the cruise port a taxi driver showed me a map and said he could take me around the island and show me all the sights for US$80 plus tip (US$15), half a day tour. This is a bargain because exclusive use of a taxi from a tour operator is around $240. We started at 10:00 AM and finished just after 13:00, very interesting especially Fort Brimestone, excellent restoration and the best one I have seen so far on this trip. There are also two Medical Colleges and one Veterinary College on St.Kitts. The Cruise tourists hang around Basseterre which is where the port is located but the Resorts are all around Frigate Bay. Surprisingly there is a population of around 300,000 monkeys on the island.


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  1. Lilly Isaac says:


    div dir=”ltr”>Chris you seems to be touring a lot good experience no probl

  2. An excellent post of your namesake island! Loved the second last pic the best!

  3. Chris,
    Thanks for the travelogue by photo’s of the Caribbean.
    Are you finding it easy to travel from one Caribbean country to the next? At one time, I was exploring circumnavigating all the Caribbean countries. But it was only feasible by sailing yacht or cruise ship. The traveling public market was too small and in many cases one had to keep flying back to Ft. Lauderdale or Miami and fly back to the next island country.
    Enjoy your trip!
    Best, Vijay Nilekani

    • These are the airlines I used. Mostly direct flights but in a couple of cases I have to change planes. My itinerary was to some extent based on the availability of direct flights because the airlines fly some routes only once or twice a week.
      British Airways
      Caribbean Airlines
      Intercaribbean Airlines
      Surinam Airways
      This is a good planning website –
      A couple of other airlines are Air Antillies and Win Air

  4. Lilly Isaac says:


    div dir=”ltr”>Chris I hope you receive all my emails sent to you so far these few lines I want you to know th

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