Australia, Tasmania, Launceston, 30 April – 03 May 2021

Launceston – population 110,000 about half the size of Hobart and the second largest city in Tasmania. Since leaving Hobart I have had no rain at all, a welcome change. From Launceston I explored the surrounding area.

Platypus House – This is my first time seeing a Platypus and they were smaller than I expected, a very strange and interesting creature. They also had Echidnas, they have tongues 18cm long. This place is 47 km North of Launceston, on the way back I had a look at the Batman Bridge and stopped at the Brady Lookout which gives a good view of the Tamar Valley.

I visited the Synmmons Plains Raceway 31 km South of Launceston but it was unattended and locked up probably only open when there is an event. In the same area there are three historic small towns Evandale, Longford which at one time had a racing circuit that hosted F1 races and Perth. This is the third and smallest Perth I have visited, it had a Post Office, Pizza shop and two Churches but nothing else not even a supermarket or a Hotel hahaha.

Perth, Tasmania

Evandale, Tasmania

Longford – The Longford Country Club Hotel is where I took the Photos.

Launceston Gorge is in the heart of the City, there are some good walks in the area.

Boags Brewery

Launceston has some very nice old buildings

Tasmania Zoo – this is a private zoo, cost $28 to enter, I only visited this place to see the Tasmanian Devil, they have other animals as well but most of them were hiding. While I was there two ducks were having a private moment and when I got near them they flew at me and attacked by grabbing my pants leg and I had to fend them off several times before they went away hahaha.

Turn the volume up for the Tasmanian Devil videos

National Automobile Museum of Tasmania – One of the highlights in Launceston, not very big but it has some iconic cars and motorcycles all immaculately restored and presented.

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2 Responses to Australia, Tasmania, Launceston, 30 April – 03 May 2021

  1. Firhad Cariapa says:

    Hay Chris ,great to see that yr traveling and having a good time.We are under lock down and things are pretty sad.Got back from the estate a week ago then the lockdown started , otherwise all of us are fine cheers Firhad

  2. Yep, lockdown is a PITA, it comes and goes here.

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