Australia, Tasmania, Bicheno to Launceston, 29 April 2021

Bicheno to Launceston – I decided to take the long way and do some sightseeing, what an interesting day it turned out to be. None of these places have good sign posts and I was alone at all of them except for The Gardens.

First stop was The Gardens, Bay of Fires. This section of coastline is very beautiful with beaches and bays one after another. From the viewpoint you can see some rocks covered in red lichen.

Next a drive all the way to the North coast right on Bass Strait where the Musselroe Windfarm is located and the Tebrakunna Visitors Centre which is unattended. Almost the whole route was on gravel roads and I was the only one there.

After that I drove to the Little Blue Lake, this is just off the road and is a 5 minute stop because the only thing to see is a Little Blue Lake.

Mount Paris Dam Wall – this is down a gravel road and then you have to walk through the rain forest to get to it, a very beautiful place. There is a sign off the main road but then you just park and wander around until you find it hidden among the trees.

Finally to the Derby Tunnel, I went around in circles before I managed to find a path to the tunnel. This area is a mecca for mountain bikers, the tunnel is one of their routes and is one way only for the bikes. I walked up and down the tunnel which is 600m long and no one else tried to come through. The tunnel has small lights and is paved with gravel but I took a torch and it was useful for photos.


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