Australia, NSW, Jindabyne, 05 – 08 May 2021

Launceston, Tasmania to Jindabyne, New South Wales. The first step is to drive from Launceston to Devonport, about an hours drive and then while away the time until Ferry boarding starts at 1630. I visited Rooke Street Mall and sat there for a while in the sunshine, next stop Molly Malones for a pint of the local drop and finally to the Spirit of the Sea Lookout to wait until it was time to move.

The Ferry boarding and transit across Bass Strait went without a hitch and I drove off the ferry the next morning at 0705. Heading out of Melbourne took about 45 min to get away from the traffic and then it was a fine drive upto Bairnsdale. From there I turned away from the coast and into the mountains and Google Maps decided to let me have some fun on the C608. This is a narrow winding road which was gravel in parts and finally through Kozciuszko National Park where the roads were very bad having been damaged in the recent heavy rains.

I visited Jindabye in February 2004 on my bike and it has grown since then, more than doubled in size I was told but still a small town and very nice. It drizzled for the first two days and then fine for the next two. I was planning to walk to the top of Mount Kosciuszko 2,228m as I did in 2004 (13 km return) but for various reasons I finished up only walking to the Lookout (5.5km return).

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