Australia, Gascoyne Junction, 19 – 20 June 2020

Carnarvon to Gascoyne Junction 175 km on a good paved road but after this it will be all dirt roads, we are in the outback now.


Gascoyne Junction – population 149, a one roadhouse town and they have a brand new caravan park. Most people stop here to visit the Kennedy National Park.

The Park was deserted and I flew my drone at Temple and Honeycomb Gorges for about 10 minutes each which is how long a battery lasts and I have two batteries. Edited videos shown below. The originals are in HD but these have reduced resolution to have any chance of being uploaded from here .








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2 Responses to Australia, Gascoyne Junction, 19 – 20 June 2020

  1. Kim Flanagan says:

    Some very familiar site in your collection of photos.

    The odd one out is the gascoyne river, it has water in it. for the 6 yeards i lived in carnarvon I think there was water in the gascoyne on 3 occassions

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