Australia, Carnarvon, 16 – 18 June 2020

Steep Point to Carnarvon, after the first 30 km of the sand track an easy drive in fine weather.

Carnarvon – population 4,400, the biggest town in this area, famous for its Bananas and Mangoes. It has a Woolworths, Repco, AutoPro, three tyre places and four Caravan Parks for the tourists. It also had a Tracking Station built by NASA for the Gemini, Apollo and other Space Programs, this site is now an interesting museum.

I noticed my car drifting to the left and a shake in the steering wheel so I took it in for a wheel alignment and balance which fixed the problem.

The caravan park I stayed in had a large number of people stranded there when the government closed regional borders, one a Sax player put on a free concert once a week while she was there, very nice. And there were also a group of young French and Italians on one year working holidays stuck as well. They all started leaving this week.



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3 Responses to Australia, Carnarvon, 16 – 18 June 2020

  1. Evarist DeSouza says:

    Sad Perth is so far from Auckland. Tempted to join you Chris

  2. Kim Flanagan says:

    more familiar sites

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