Australia, Mt.Augustus, 21 – 23 June 2020

The drive from Gascoyne Junction to Mt.Augustus was the most interesting so far, winding dirt roads, a few corrugations, many Dips, Floodways and a few dry river crossings added to the fun. Mainly a good graded surface sometimes not so good, easy to maintain 100 kph. It took 3 hours to cover the 288 km. I met another couple who took 6 hours and were doing 50 kph, at that speed you feel every bump and corrugation, at 100 kph you skim over the top of the corrugations, a much smoother ride.

Mount Augustus – A very large rock. I followed some of the trails and saw some Aboriginal scribbles, not one of the talented.

I flew my drone at the Cattle Pool, it was deserted, click on the link below.

Goolinee Cattle Pool Views from a Drone


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