Malaysia – Malacca, 07 – 12 January 2018

You can get to Inchon airport from Seoul either by the Metro and then the AREX Airport train or by special Airport buses which leave from various points around Seoul, about an hours journey. Train costs $5 and the bus $15, on the train you could be standing all the way. My hotel was a short walk from the bus stop so I took the bus which was very comfortable.

There are buses leaving at least every hour from Kuala Lumpur Airport (KLIA2) to Malacca, the journey takes 2 hours, costs RM24.30 and the seats are very comfortable. You buy your ticket from a booth on the ground floor and the bus leaves from just outside the entrance a short walk from the ticket booth. At the airport I also bought a Digi SIM card for RM20 good for a week and withdrew cash from an ATM.

Malacca – first colonised by the Portuguese (1511) then the Dutch and finally the British, old world charm with well preserved colonial buildings, the Malacca river lined with cafe’s, a mix of old and new, I will be back.


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