Germany – Ingolstadt, 16 – 17 May 2018

Veghel to Ingolstadt, 7 hours along the Autobahn, one lane occupied by a line of trucks, long stretches of road works slowing everyone to a crawl, 2 stops, €0.70 cents to use the toilet, a 10 min downpour, wet roads and cold 15c after that.

Ingolstadt, home of the Audi headquarters, Museum and main factory and the sole reason for my visit. It is also where the Illuminati was founded and where Frankenstein made his creature.

The whole Audi complex was immaculate and state of the art, the best of any of the German manufacturers that I have seen. You normally have to book ahead for the Factory tour but I was lucky and there was a vacancy. The English tour starts at 11:30 and takes 2 hours it is the only factory that I have seen where the workers wear a light grey uniform with white T-shirts (no photos). The entrance fee to the Museum was €2 and the factory tour was €7, lunch at the self serve restaurant cost €6, no gouging here either.

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