Albania, Tirana, 28-30 July 2013

The first 60 km out of Skopje is a freeway with 4 toll stops 30, 20, 30, 20 Dinar so make sure you have at least 100 Dinar when you leave, after that the road deteriorates climbing through the mountains. I crossed the border near Lake Ohrid, had to show documents on the Macedonia side rode 100m into Albania the Immigration Officer was a woman she checked my documents stamped and waved me on, no problems with the bike insurance thank you.

The road improved but they forgot to paint the white lines on it not that anyone pays attention to them hahaha. There were 3 sections where they have built new roads with a brand new and modern tunnel with lighting, follow the green signs to Tirana and not your GPS. The last bit into Tirana is new and finishes in a dead end after that follow your GPS. Not a straight bit of road the whole ride, 36c, blue skies, 293km, 4:30hrs, being a Sunday there wasn’t much traffic. I also saw at least 50 wedding car processions along the way in both countries.

Tirana, population 400,00, they use the Latin script and have a George W. Bush Boulevard here as well. Besides the National Museum which takes about an hour there is absolutely nothing to see or do in this place, crossing the road is a game of chicken much the same as the rest of the Balkans.

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1 Response to Albania, Tirana, 28-30 July 2013

  1. Tom says:

    I enjoy reading about your extensive travels. You live life well.

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