Macedonia, Skopje, 25-27 July 2013

Pristina to Skopje is a short ride 88 km in 2:20 hrs, very slow going with traffic and built up almost all the way. had to show documents at the Kosovo border when leaving and at the Macedonia border had to pay E50 for 15 days Bike Insurance, the border officials are getting greedier, Montenegro was E10, Kosovo E15 and Macedonia E50, the only document that actually looks authentic and printed is the Kosovo Insurance, the others are just scribbled into a receipt book and probably not worth the paper they are written on.

Skopje population 506,000, the script is Cyrillic so most of the time I had no idea what I was looking at hahaha. This is the city of statues, there are hundreds of them around the main square and some are huge, lots of deserted open air cafes and a couple of neglected museums. Birthplace of Mother Teresa, she left for India when she was 18 and never returned.

The city was completely destroyed by an earthquake in 1963 so there are no historic buildings left.

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