Greece, Tirana to Athens 31 July – 1 August 2013

The route I followed was Tirana, Durres, Fier, Tepelene, Gjirokaster crossing the border at Kakavia, had to show documents on the Albania side then a short ride to the Greek side. There was a queue of cars, while I was waiting in the 38c heat a passing Immigration officer told me to ride past the cars to the front so I did and jumped the queue, first Immigration stamps your passport then a 10m ride to customs, the officer was a woman, she checked my bike documents and asked me if I had any cigarettes and said go. Hills and winding roads again but wider and in better condition, through Ioannina a big town and on to some back roads to a small holiday village called Mytikas.

Up to Fier its 4 lanes but built up and slow going, the road after Fier was in very bad condition, narrow winding through the hills with pot holes, sink holes and the bits of the road falling off, the worst so far for about 70 km, after that it improved and once in Greece roads are a lot better, 410km, 6:25hrs and 38c when I arrived, great ride and I did it on one tank of fuel getting 26 Km per litre due to the slow speeds.

I thought I was making an early start the next morning at 0745 until my GPS which automatically adjusts the time told me it was 0845, Greece is UTC +2 hours. The first 100 km was back roads and slow going and then good roads all the way to Athens with a 6 lane freeway for the last 100 km. The tolls for motorcycles are much less than cars, at the big bridge which crosses the Gulf of Corinth at Patra I paid E1.90 and it was E13.20 for cars ouch. The road was through the mountains or followed the coast all the way, never boring, 384 km, 4:55 hrs and I had to stop for fuel the price of which has gone up by 45 cents from E1.30 to E1.75 per litre in fact the most expensive fuel so far.

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  1. R says:


    Enjoying your travels. This is one country we have not had the chance to visit. So we are enjoying it through your eyes.

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