Kuwait, 29 Nov – 3 Dec 2012

This has to be the most complicated Airport Visa on Arrival procedure I have been through. Do not stand in the queue for Immigration, instead go up the stairs on the left and change some money at the currency exchange into Kuwait Dinar, you will need 3 dinar, next go to Stamp machines and get 3 x 1 Dinar stamps then go to the first counter behind the machines and get  a ticket and a copy of your  passport, move to the next counter where the guy will enter some info on a computer and hand your passport down to the end counter, wait until your name is called, hand over the stamps, the guy will paste the stamps onto a visa form printed in Arabic with a few words of English, stamp the stamps and give the form back to you, this is your Visa. Now go back downstairs, do not join the queue just show your Visa form and passport and walk through the gate at the side, there will be a couple more checks and then you can go collect your luggage which will be waiting for you. Not knowing any of the above I wandered around in circles asking questions and getting answers in broken English trying to find out what I had to do next and it took ages, the place is packed with other confused travellers as well hahahaha, not funny at the time

Kuwait is still recovering from Saddam’s invasion in 1992, the invaders trashed and looted the place and nothing appears to have been done about it since then, all the tourist attractions are still closed. The only place open was a small private museum of the Invasion. Besides a few big new Shopping Malls where you can shop and go to a movie there is nothing to do but wander the streets.

Public Transport is practically non-existent, taxis are cheap and illegal taxis are even cheaper.

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  1. Not sure if I wish to visit Kuwait, but this is a nice primer, and certainly great info about immigration and visa advice. Have a great visit!

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