Philippines, Manila, 6-15 February 2013

 There are 2 Airports you can use to get to Manila, one is Clark which is located in Angeles a 2.5 hour bus ride North of Manila, the other is located in Manila itself and is the preferred option as you avoid the long commute.

I arrived in Clark in the middle of the night and had to spend the night at a hotel in Angeles and catch the bus the next day to Manila, There are regular busses during the day from the Airport and cost PHP450 ($10).

The streets are crowded and it takes ages to get anywhere by taxis which are cheap, the Metro is faster but absolutely packed and pickpockets abound. I was pickpocketed twice, the first time I caught the kid and he ran off, the second time I didn’t even know it had happened and lost about $20 in small notes from my back pocket.

The people are friendly and everyone speaks English.

There is a PHP450 Departure tax.

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  1. Enjoy your time there! I traveled to Manila in the mid-nineties and remember having a lovely time! And on a completely different note, did you receive my invite to my WordPress blog? If you’d like to “follow” me there, you can find me at:

    Happy travels!

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