Seychelles, Mahe, 25-31 Oct 2012

Home of the Coco de Mer (it’s the biggest seed on the planet, looks like 2 coconuts stuck together)

Another idyllic tropical island paradise, any more of this and I could develop an allergy to City air. The people here are descendants of freed African slaves, the British navy used to burn the boats carrying slaves and leave the freed slaves on this island.
I stayed at Beau Vallon a popular spot for tourists lots of self-catering apartments for around $50/night and it has a beach which is what draws the crowds.
Victoria is the capital and boasts 2 sets of Traffic Lights, the official language is Seychelles Creole which is different from Mauritian Creole but they also speak French and English, a nice place.
Busses are cheap but very slow so I hired a car for 2 days ($50/day) and drove around the Island its about 80km around and then I drove back and forth covering a total of 250km in 2 days, the speed limit is 40kph, good roads and polite drivers and great views.

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4 Responses to Seychelles, Mahe, 25-31 Oct 2012

  1. jessrani says:

    We were wondering @ ur whereabouts the other day; when’s the nxt trip?

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  2. OMara, Matt says:

    Hi Chris
    Did you get to the F1 & Supercars races?

    • desmonc says:

      Grandstand Tickets sold out and they do not have Tickets where you can just enter and wander around the track. You are given a seat and locked into it for a minimum of $510.

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