United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, 1-5 Nov 2012

Abu Dhabi, big modern city with 8 lane roads and not a lot of traffic on them, no traffic jams here. There are 1.5 million men and 0.6 million women in this Emirate, 21% locals and 79% Immigrant workers mainly Indians, Pakistanis and Filipinos.

There is an 8km long promenade along the sea shore. Ferrari world is amazing the roller coaster nearly gave me a heart attack and the Grand Mosque used the Taj Mahal as inspiration. The Souk is a fancy shopping centre nothing like a market hahaha.

Transport is either bus or taxi, they forgot to put in a Metro when designing the city, busses are cheap and air-conditioned so are some of the bus stops but they are slow, stopping frequently.

Taxis are metered and their speed is monitored and not very expensive. The fare from the airport to the City is around $16. Taxis also stop at bus stops and pick up multiple passengers going to different destinations, the driver gives you a quote and if you agree jump in, probably illegal the way everything is controlled here.

The F1 GP was on, they only have Grandstand seats the cheapest of which was $510, you can’t just buy a ticket and pick your spot or wander around the track like you can in most places. All the seats were sold out by Saturday which is when I made enquiries, I was not going to pay $510 anyway.

Busses from Abu Dhabi to Dubai leave every 30min from the Main Abu Dhabi Bus Station at Al Wahdah, cost AED25 ($7) and the journey takes 2 hours. The bus is non-stop, air-conditioned, comfortable and you can buy snacks, it terminates at the Al Ghubaiba Bus Station in Dubai from there you can take a taxi or the Metro or another bus to your final destination.

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