Mauritius, Mahebourg, 16-25 October 2012

Home of the Dodo (it’s an extinct bird)

A slightly bigger dot in the southern Indian ocean, roughly 40×50 km, population 1.3 million, 80% Indian origin, 20% African, European and Chinese origin. Being further south means it’s a bit cooler here.
It has been ranked as the best governed country in all of Africa, six years in a row, finishing on top of the Ibrahim Index of African Governance and according to the Democracy Index, Mauritius is the only African country with “full” democracy (Source Wikipedia).
Mauritius is also ranked second in an air quality index released by the World Health Organization.
Good roads everywhere and people follow the rules, all religions are represented and they live in harmony. Economy is based on Sugarcane and Tourism, it’s a volcanic island so the beaches are few and far between but there are a lot of Golf courses.
I stayed in Mahebourg near the airport, $16 taxi ride to my hotel, bus fares to Port Louis the capital which is on the other side of the island are around $2 and it takes about 1.5hrs, you can go just about anywhere by bus for $2 but they are slow and stop frequently, taxi hire for 8 hours is $65. I did not see any military at all but there were a few police check points.
The official language of Government and Education is English but the people speak mainly French or Mauritian Creole, they understand English as well.
School, College and Medical care are free to all, transport for students, disabled and seniors is free as well, entry to Museums is free and there are no private beaches.

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2 Responses to Mauritius, Mahebourg, 16-25 October 2012

  1. Smriti D. Isaac says:

    Thanks for the views! That list dis looks suspiciously like biryani! Quite an interesting mix of people in a lovely land!

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