Maldives, Male, 30 Sept – 7 Oct 2012

The Maldives looks pretty from the air, the first thing you see at the airport are signs which say among other things “No Dogs”, No Pork” and “No Alcohol”.
Resorts are exempt from the Alcohol ban, if you try and bring in Duty free booze it is taken off you and returned when you leave, so I heard.
This place is all about the resorts, sun, sand, snorkelling and scuba diving there is nothing else to do. A good place to de-tox.

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2 Responses to Maldives, Male, 30 Sept – 7 Oct 2012

  1. Smriti D. Isaac says:

    Great way to detox! What are the contents of that dish called kothuroshi– besides the egg, of course!

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