Sri Lanka, Colombo, 18-23 Sep 2012

I arrived in Colombo from Chennai, India. Spicejet had overbooked and we were told we had to wait 4-5 hours so I cancelled my ticket and got on the next flight with Jet Airways about an hour later. I won’t be flying with Spicejet again. Taxi to the hotel took 1.5hrs and cost $28.

First impressions of Colombo are cleanliness and traffic actually following the rules of the road. Took Took’s are ubiquitous and cheap and are up to their usual tricks.

The Fort is not a Fort though it must have been one in the past, its the City area of Colombo a mix of old and new with lots of police around. Touts and con-men abound in the city, at first you think, what a friendly guy hahahaha.

A very nice museum, some temples, the beach, nice people, big trees and many old buildings still around. The trains remind me of Bombay.

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  1. Looks like a lovely place, and thanks to your sharp eyes and great photo skills, it might very well figure on my next travel itinerary to the Indian subcontinent! Enjoy your travels and put your Tamil speaking skills to good use too!

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