Chile, Santiago and Osorno, 11-14 Feb 2012

Day 1 – Took it easy went for a walk around the local area Bellavista full of tourists updated blog did some research.

Day 2 – Caught a taxi to the Plaza Armas $3, checked out the Museum, the Cathedral, Centro shopping Mall and a Market back to the hotel more research.

Day 3 – Went to the Bike workshop at 1030 and they hadn’t even started on the bike hahaha that’s Latin America for you in fact the mechanic had not even come in so I went for a walk back at 1200 and the Supervisor who is also a mechanic was just starting on the bike, I sat around and showed them the easy way to do a couple of things and they used my spark plug tool to get one of the plugs out and my hex bit to get the front wheel off, the mechanic turned up at 1400, then they had to go out and get oil and the air filter finished at 1800. If I hadn’t sat there all day it would never have been finished today.

1. Oil & Filter change, 10w-40 Silkolene Super 4 Semi-synthetic Oil – CPL$39,200 – $78.40 – 4 litres = $19.60/litre. I supplied the filter.

2. Fitted 2 new tyres Michelin Anakee 2, Front and Rear.

110/80R-19 (59V) Michelin Anakee 2 Front – CPL$101,800 – $203
150/70R-17 (69V) Michelin Anakee 2 Rear – CPL$100,000 – $200

3. New Suzuki Air Filter – CPL$30,000 – $60 (It was filthy and full of bugs)

4. New Brake pads front and rear, EBC. I supplied the pads (rear were still good, one front was bad)

5. New NGK Spark plugs – I supplied the plugs (Gap was out to 1mm otherwise looked ok)

6. Labour Charges – CPL$25,000 – $50 for about 4hrs.

Total CLP$294,000 or $588.

Parts are expensive but Labour cheap

Back to the hotel, even in rush hour there is very little traffic in this city and got ready for tomorrows departure, booked hotels for the next three stops.

14 Feb 2012, Santiago to Osorno, Chile

Left Santiago at 0715, onto the freeway in about 10min, I had done my homework not much traffic upto 100kph and then about 30min later to 120kph countryside is now green with farms totally different to the north of Santiago steady stream of traffic but no problems overtaking 4 lanes all the way and maintaining 120kph stopped twice for petrol and 11 times for tolls $600 ($1.20) each except for the last at Osorno which was $100, cars pay around $2000 each checked in at 1700, 933km in 9:45hrs, best average so far.

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