Ecuador, Galapagos, 12-16 Jan 2012

Left Quito at 0740 on 12-Jan-2012 stopped at Guayaquil for an hour and then on to Baltra Island airport which was built by the US Army after Pearl Harbour to protect the Panama Canal, waited there for 3.5 hours for another flight to arrive then a bus to a ferry to Santa Cruz Island and the boat, 12 passengers, 7 Australian, 3 Argentinian, 2 USA, 1 guide and 10 crew, the boat has a capacity of 16.
Lunch and then back to the Island to see some big Tortoises then back to the boat.

After that we cruised around a few of the islands snorkelling and hiking around them, the animals have no fear of humans and do not run away when approached. Lots of sea lions and iguanas, a few pink flamingos, fish, birds, penguins, one dolphin pod and some small sharks.
Finished the cruise at San Cristobal Island and flew out from there back the same way to Quito, arrived at 1730 on 16-Jan-2012.

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5 Responses to Ecuador, Galapagos, 12-16 Jan 2012

  1. FANtastic! So glad you could do this trip! Loved the colors of the sea and sky, and of course, all the animals, although, I was hoping for more giant tortoises.

  2. desmonc says:

    Hawaii is the place to go for Tortoises

  3. Vasi says:

    Don’t they have the monitor lizard or the dragon lizard (looks like a left over from the jurrasic days?)

  4. Brian says:

    Groovy wildlife.

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