Peru, Nazca, 25-26 Jan 2012

Left Lima at 0555 practically no traffic a few busses and cars onto the highway in 20min and upto 100kph, thick fog for the first hour and cold same sort of landscapes desert and towns with crops, the first 2 hours was 4 lanes so made good time then 2 lanes and trucks but long straight roads meant easy overtaking, stopped at the small steel tower near Nazca SOL2 to go up and have a look at a couple of the nearby geoglyphs, checked in at 1155, 448km in 6hrs. Booked a 30min flight for tomorrow USD$110 plus SOL$25 airport tax to see the Nazca Lines, they prefer payment in US dollars here.

Next day taxi arrived at 0830, first a visit to the only ATM in town that accepts foreign cards to withdraw the maximum allowed USD$200, Peru needs to bring its banking into this century, 5 min drive to the airport some confusion as usual so I sat and waited finally got sorted paid the USD$110 for the flight and SOL25 airport tax, got on 5 seater with 4 Argentinian girls and 2 pilots, 2nd pilot did the talking, Spanish and English, flew over each geoglyph circling both left and right so both sides of the plane could get a good look, back in 30min good flight, waited another hour for a taxi to come disorganised back at the hotel at 1100.

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1 Response to Peru, Nazca, 25-26 Jan 2012

  1. Vasi says:

    auto-rickshaws? Where are all the people? Aliens? or just ancient people having out of body experiences? (hah!)

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