Colombia, Pasto, 09 Jan 2012

Left Popayan at 0815 overcast looked like rain, wet patches but no rain, road through the mountains climbing to over 3000m many sections where half the road has fallen down the mountain, pot holes, broken bitumen, the sun came out and it warmed up, very slow going, occasional good bit of road for a rest, spectacular scenery when I had time to look at it and not the road, one of the worst roads so far, an adventure ride and just what I needed to get my spirits back up after the fall, the bike took a real hammering and nothing fell off or broke so it must be in good shape. I think the government has put this road into the too hard basket.

Arrived in Pasto at 1245, 240k’s in 4.5hrs, quite a big town at 2600m and navigated to the address of the hotel I had booked, a rough part of the town, wrong address on the website, asked for directions, the first thing the guy said was, put your phone and camera away, they were hanging around my neck, after some discussion he said this old guy will find the hotel for COP$5000 ($2.50) so he got on the back of my bike to much cheering and encouragement, he was having trouble getting his leg over hahahaha and we rode off stopped and asked for directions once and found the place near the Centro a much nicer area and an excellent hotel but even here the door to the lobby is kept locked at all times, this is a common practice in Colombia even for stores if they do not have a security guard.
The number of police and military has dropped off considerably the closer I get to the border, hardly any in fact. There are a lot of bikes on the road and car drivers in Colombia are some of the worst, I have seen 3 bikes accidents so far with the bikes hit by cars and I have had any number of close calls. Mexican and Central American drivers would be considered safe compared to this lot hahahaha.
Spent some time in the garage fixing my bike, taped up the broken indicator and managed to straighten the hand guard enough so I could use the clutch and bolted it back on, need a vice to do it properly.

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1 Response to Colombia, Pasto, 09 Jan 2012

  1. The scenery is breathtaking; you are putting your camera to good use, but even more importantly, you have a great sense of composition in how you frame your views. Bravo! The pictures of your injured leg and finger not so good, I’m sorry to say. I hope you’re healing up well. Take it easy in the Galapagos. I, for now, am actually glad you’re out of Colombia. More local cuisine shots, please. Remember, you gotta eat the local fare to truly understand the place and the people. Leave the PBJs behind.

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