Maps and Stats

2022 Europe by Bike

2022 Europe by Bike





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  1. Vijay M Nilekani says:

    Hi Chris,

    I am originally from Bangalore but have lived in North America for the past 43 years. I am also a passionate world traveler and have been traveling in about 75 countries so far. But not as adventurous as you!

    I attended St. Joseph’s in Bangalore and was recently in Bangalore. I met up with Jana Roye who was my high school class mate. I had just come to India from Perth, Australia(and 6 other South Pacific countries).

    Jana mentioned you in our conversation and I was fascinated. Now that I am back in the US (planning my next round of travel) I felt compelled to write to you. I admire your tenacity, interest and courage!

    Drop me a a note when you have a chance. Would love to meet you sometime somewhere.

    Safe travels

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